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How To Enhance Your Natural Radiance For Graduation

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Meet Mabel, a brilliant and hardworking individual. Last July 27, 2023, she stood tall as she received her well-deserved honor of graduating Magna Cum Laude in University of the Philippines, Diliman. As she prepared for this significant milestone in her life, she aimed to embody both elegance and sophistication through her graduation look. Mabel knew that her graduation day was an occasion to remember, so I wanted to let her beauty reflect her accomplishments.

To enhance her natural radiance, we opted for a subtle yet stunning makeup look. Starting with a flawless base, I applied a skin-like finish foundation that perfectly matched her skin tone. This created a smooth canvas for her radiant complexion to shine through. To highlight her captivating features, I softly sculpted her cheekbones with a touch of bronzer, adding a natural warm glow to her face.

Knowing that her eyes were the window to her success, I chose a natural look of eye makeup using peach as the main color. I began by softly defining her brows to frame her face and provide an elegant touch. I then skillfully added a thin line of eyeliner, delicately winging it out to create an alluring cat-eye effect. Natural looking false eyelashes finished with a mascara was the final touch to her eyes, lengthening and adding volume to her lashes, making them appear captivatingly dreamy.

Completing her graduation makeup look, we opted for a soft, natural lip color that perfectly complemented her flawless complexion. We chose a subtle peachy lip color that added a hint of color without overpowering her features. And lastly, we did a mid part ponytail with soft curls, then finished with a white bow. This touch of femininity completed the overall elegance of her look and showcased her effortless beauty.

As Mabel received her diploma, she radiated with pride, not only for the academic accomplishments she achieved but also for the grace and magnificence that her hair and makeup look exuded. Mabel's graduation day was a momentous celebration of her hard work and dedication, and her exceptional glam look perfectly encapsulated her success, leaving an indelible impression on everyone there.

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