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Is Freelancing For You?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Opportunities happen, that's why we need to create them. Being a freelancer for over 12 years now made me realize, I can do anything as long as I put my heart and mind in it. Did it ever happen to you, when you were a child, you had this dream job? Then reality happened, boom, your dream crashed!

When I was still in college, I had a vision of myself. To be working as an Interior Designer in a prestigious company in Makati, earning good money, having my own car, and buying all the things that I want. But actually, it was all the opposite.

In 2004, my first job was an in-house sales designer for a high-end furniture company. The company was popular in the industry back then, but having my name on the design and having that salary that I was hoping for , wasn’t really what I was expecting for. It was only P8,000.00 pesos per month, I cant even buy a new cellphone. with that.

Being a designer for me was also hard work. It’s not just about the work per sé, but there are a lot of factors like delays of delivery, workers not working on Mondays because they were drunk the day before, and other unforseen factors that made my work soooo difficult. It made me even sick. That's when I decided to be a freelancer.

I started freelancing as an Interior Designer, designing condominium units and small offices. I also tried event styling and production design. But still, there’s something missing. Back then I don’t know what it was. I can’t put a finger on it. The only thing that I know, I was always tired. I wasn’t happy.

Me in 2009.

Then in 2010, after giving birth to my first born, I decided to take up makeup school. I did some research, jumped in and started going back to school. I thought, ok let me try this expensive hobby. But, I realized that I love everything about it! Then came my first gig, doing 2 heads for a day and being paid P3,600 for a total of 6 hours work. Wow this is the job that I want! I thought, having this kind of gig 8 times a month, that’s a total of P28,800 per month for a 48 hours job. WOW RIGHT?! From P8,000 per month (24 days a month) to P28,800 ( 8 days a month). Nice right?

Taken in 2011 during a shoot.

Being a freelancer, and doing the job that you love, have so many advantages:

First, I have so many opportunities to work with a diverse client. From weddings to big productions, doing makeup to CEO’s and Presidents of a start up and big companies, I met them all. Politicians, influential people to movie starts, I had the opportunity to work with them. And the most exciting part, I had the opportunity to listen to their inspiring talks and even have a conversation with them.

Second, I am considered to be an expert in my profession. Clients trust me to be their head makeup artist. We confer all possible ideas. Other event suppliers trusts me to be their co-supplier for their events. And I feel thankful for them.

Third, I can control and choose my schedule. It allowed me to be flexible. As a wife and mom of 3 kids, My family is my priority. I can start work anytime, attend events of my children, have coffee breaks with my husband, and finish a Netflix episode anytime. Freelancing also allowed to travel to places and bring my family with me!

Fourth, I have a broader opportunity to increase my income. Sometimes in some makeup gigs, I also get interior projects. Just like the moment when my makeup mentor knew about my Interior Designer background. He then hired me to be his Props Head Department and SFX Makeup Artist for a theme park before in Pasay City. I also met alot of people from that project that led me to other opportunities. I was able to be creative in all my line of work and pivot from one work to another easily.

And lastly, I feel proud of my freelancing success and business. I take so much pride and joy knowing that I did the creatives by myself. From the first meeting, to the concept, pitching of the project, implementation to appreciation and gratification of my clients. I know I did a great job.

Every project has their own ups and downs but I have learned to make all resolutions to any conflicts. I’ve learned to listen to my clients. It also made me realize that I need to have a positive attitude with work and also to the people that I work with. Working with a diverse industry helped me improve my working etiquette and people skills. It also made me more confident, assertive and patient to all opportunities. I've strongly improved on multitasking, improvisation and time management. And the best part is, I gained leadership.

With my happy bride, Inah, in 2017. Shot by

I know freelancing is not easy. Specially now, but everything is online, there are alot of opportunities out there. All we have to do is start somewhere. Maybe you love to cook, why not take orders of your best selling ulam every weekend and share it in your Facebook page. Or you love to do videos, maybe start doing videos and post it in your YouTube channel. If I stayed working in the office, I wouldn’t have all this opportunities. When you work for yourself, all the success is yours. I know everyone can do it too!

- Eunice

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