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Imagine you booked your dream gown, booked your dream florist for your bouquet and the best photo and video team in the industry to capture the moment. Then you became the budgetarian bride for your hair and makeup. Don’t you think you deserve to feel great about how you look in photos? Sharing you my top reasons why you should hire a professional makeup artist on your wedding day.

Why #1 Shine on camera.

Your professional makeup artist will help you be camera ready in all angles. Remember that your wedding day will be captured for you and your husband to be shared and cherished for a lifetime. Also remember the it will be a whole day event. Your professional glam team will make sure that your whole look will stay all night long. Even if you cry during the vows or speeches, they'll guarantee that the products that they’ll used are all waterproof.

Why #2 Take away the stress.

Wedding is a very stressful moment, especially for the brides. You want everything to be perfect and you want it to be your dream wedding. During the preparation, you and your professional glam team will collaborate the best look for you. On the day of the wedding, you already know what kind of look you’ll be having. You ‘ve already build the trust with your glam team. You’ll also have more breathing room because experienced glam teams are faster. And for my brides, I always create a timeline for the wedding. I will be giving my brides the schedule when everyone will be ready for hair and makeup because I respect everyone’s time.

Why # 3 Prepare the right way.

As a bride, you have a concept of your dream wedding, especially with your hair and makeup look. I always encourage my brides to consult with me first. Upon booking, I already give my brides a copy of what to do and not to do before the wedding. Like suggesting when is the best time to visit their derma for consultation, the best time to color their hair, wax their eyebrows and a lot more. You don't want to be half baked on your wedding right?

Why # 4 Avoid common beauty mistakes.

In every wedding, a lot of unexpected situation happens. Your professional glam team has the experience to avoid these kind of situations. Examples are, cakey makeup, unblended foundation, contour and blush, removed lashes and the scariest one, panda eyes. Those are the common problems that we need to take note of during the actual makeup session. Remember that your photo and video will be there to take a thousand photos of you, in all angles. There is no second takes. And lastly,

Why # 5 Pamper yourself.

It’s your big day. You’re the star. Being confident on your wedding day will not only boost your mood, but it will make you look and feel even more beautiful. You will be confidently ready during the shoot because you know you are drop dead gorgeous!

As a supplier, I understand that cost is sometimes a big player when it coms to choosing the right supplier for you. But always remember, your wedding is the day you get to make your love official in front of all your loved ones and friends. You only get married once. And I know it should feel special because you deserve to be special.

- Eunice

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